Why do Men Cheat?

Are you tired of meeting guys who do nothing but lie to you to get you in bed? Tried of being with guys who keep dogging you out? Then stop it and find out what every women in the world should know about all men! One of the biggest questions women want to know is why men cheat and one of the main reasons is most women are attracted to cheating men, yes it’s true! Women like the fine cute type of men that cheat, they are the heartbreakers, the men who cheat because every other women want him and that cheating man knows that there are plenty more women out there that will have him! See most women want the same type of man, when men cheat, they mostly do it because they think they can get away with it, and if he can’t he figures that the women he is with will forgive him! See for the most part men and cheating go hand in hand and the heartbreakers go for years cheating until the right woman come along! See heartbreaks happens on a daily basis with these types of guys and women flock to them.

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Don’t ask me why, but they do! How I know because I was one of those men that women flocked too! See men cheating could become a thing of the past if women would stop falling for these same old tricks that these guys still play on women, and it will continue as long as women let it happen! Yes women let it happen! But, there is a way you can stop a man from cheating, find out if he is a cheater before you sleep with him and you can actually find a good man that will never cheat on you and treat you like you are the only women on earth!! And, he will be just the kind of man you are looking for! Ya I know you say ya right, but it’s true!! Click here to find out how to find him! The heartbeaker knows the females weakness and he plays his little game on every female that he has any interest in or shows him any interest! First, thing a woman want to know about a man when she falls in love with him and things are not going right is … is he cheating!

So I will show you how, what, when and where if you would just listen to my audio tapes with an open mind!! Look I am a man, and I have been with over 1500 women, so wouldn’t you think I would know a little something women right? This is not something I’m bragging about, but it’s true! Take a chance and listen to me instead of one of your girlfriends and I guarantee you that if you just simply try what I’m telling you to do, your life will change when dealing with men and you will NEVER get your heart broken again…..GUARANTEED!! So if your tired of being sick and tried, just sit back, take notes, listen and pay close attention because I am about to change your love life forever!!

Ps. If you are wondering why I am doing this it’s because at my age I am tired of meeting heartbroken women who have been hurt by men, so why not share my knowledge and help some of these women!! I really feel bad for them, it’s the right thing to do, and I would like to maybe find a good wife someday!;) So please pay attention and you can’t even respond, leave commits and even call and leave a message for me, if you like. Thanks again for stopping by and enjoy.


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My Real Life Story

Find out how to get over a man, and find out how to find out what kind of man you are dealing with BEFORE you lay down with him and fall in love for nothing more then him giving you good sex! Women have the power but don’t have a clue on how to use it because they make decisions base on their feelings and not instincts and/or their brains! This is an un-edited audio version of my real life story as a gigolo and me sleeping with over 1500 women. I will tell the complete story on how I got started, the up and downs of being a gigolo, what I learn about women from being involved with so many of them and most importantly what women can learn from my experiences that can help them in there lives and in dealing with men in there relationships! This is all true! See what my life is all about, how I had two women try to kill me because of them falling in love and how I discovered how powerful good sex is with women!

Please listen to this with an open mind, at times I might seem a little harsh but its because of the passion for what I was doing and the passion I have for women who have been hurt in relationships and what they can do to protect themselves for future heartbreaks. Please leave all your comments and feedback. Remember this is totally unedited so bare with us. I am being interview by a good friend of mind who is a female and thought this story should be told. This was intended to become a paperback book, but I have decided because of the relationships between women and men in 2012, I will make this a free audio book! Thanks for listening and coming into my world to hopefully help you in yours!

Note: The first few seconds of this audio is edited to protect the name of my siblings, but all the rest is un-edited and uncut! I have only uploaded the first 5 chapters, if you like what you hear email me at:MyRealLifeStory2@gmail.com and I will send you the remaining 6 chapters which includes…

1. Questions concerning relationships between women and men-Example (How should a women handle a man being verbal and physical abuse).** Has already been added**

2.  What to do before a man breaks your heart (for women 18-25 years old)

3. What to do after a man breaks your heart (for women 18-50 years old)

4. Why men lie to women and how women can find out if a man is a lair before she sleeps with him.

5. How women have all the power, and how she can find out how to use it! Why do most men cheat and how a women can stop it..and much much more! Just email me at the email address above if your interested. Thanks for listening.


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